Monday, 13 September 2010

Media Proposal

Title: Teenage boy inprisoned

Director: Jack Brennan

Plot: I am going to film a documentary based on a boy who has been in prison for a period of time for an offence. The documentary will be filmed using a closed up shot however, his face will either be blurred or his face not in the shoot. I will ask open questions to avoid yes or not answers, which will make the interview more interesting and last longer. The questions will be such as, how has being in prison affected your life, what lays ahead for your future, did being in prison help you or are you still getting into trouble.

Jack Brennan

1 comment:

  1. Your basic idea is OK. You need to explain how it explores identity in more detail. Blurring his face will cause you difficulty so I would suggest you think abot just getting him to wear a baseball cap pulled down when he is facing the camera so the audience can't see his eyes and nose. I need to know more about how you are going to put this together as a story..... How does it start, where does it go and how does it end? Where will we see him? Is you voice in it or just his? Redraft in more detail, using full template, by Friday.