Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Media Proposal

Title: Teenage boy serves prison sentence.

Director: Jack Brennan

Plot: I am going to film a documentary based on a teenage boy who has been in prisoned for a period of time due to breaking the law. This explores identity by seeing the change in his identity since he has been in prison and since he has been out and how it has changed his life. However, it will b e a struggle to show his identity as he wants his face hidden from the camera for protection purposes but rather than blurring his face i think it would be a better idea to take a close up of his face from the side or make him wear a baseball cap. The story will be put together by the way he has grown up so the start will be when he was young, then the middle when he was in prison; how we coped, what it was like etc and the end will be where he is now and what he wants to do with his life. It will be filmed by the estate he was grown up in just to show where he was brought up and also add some personal affect to build emotions. He will answer open questions to avoid short or yes and no answers, my voice will not be in the film as it is about him to i want the audience to concentrate on him. My audience will be teenage boys who go to comprehensive, rough schools who may be involved with similar circumstances. I would like this short film to be shown on channel 4 at roughly 10pm as this will be the most appealing time for my audience.

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